Ylang Ylang oil

Ylang Ylang oil


Common Name:  Ylang Ylang oil

Botanical Name:  Cananga Odorata

Other Names:  Cananga oil, Cananga scortechinii, Canangium odoratum


Ylang Ylang oil also called as CANNAGA ODORATA meaning “flowers of flowers” is cultivated in Java, Sumatra, Reunion, Madagascar and Comoros. Obtained from a tall tropical tree (20 m high) with tender, fragrant and yellow color flowers, fruit oblong and indehiscent with 3-13pale brown seeds have an exotic sweet smell. The yellow flower is used to extract the essential oils of the tree using steam distillation. It contains linalool, geranyl acetate, caryophyllene, cresyl methyl ether, benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate, methyl benzoate etc. Used in Indonesia on wedding nights and in Europe as an ingredient for hair preparations, the oil has fresh, sweet, slightly fruity fragrance.

Uses of Ylang Ylang oil:

Aromatherapy uses:
It acts as aphrodisiac, antidepressant, anti-infectious, relaxant, anti seborrhoeic, antiseptic, regulator etc. It is very useful for oily and dry skins and control sebum production.

Medicinal uses:
  It is useful for conditions of depression, hypertension, high blood pressure, palpitation of the heart and digestive upsets. Due to its antiseptic, anti allergic and antibacterial properties it is also used in many skin conditions like insect bites, acne, hair growth, irritated skin etc.

Culinary uses:
It is used as a food preservative and primarily as a flavouring agent in a variety of foods like candies, chewing gums etc., and pharmaceutical products and as analgesic in dental materials.

Other uses:
They are exclusively used in cosmetics like in soaps, moisturizers, skin ointments, tonic for the scalp, massage oil, bath oil, conditioners etc. Also due to its rich and long lasting aroma, it is quite suitable for perfumes and soap fragrances.

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