Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil


Common Name:  Pumpkin seed oil

Botanical Name:  Cucurbita pepo

Other Names:  Calabaza seeds, Citrouille, Cucurbita galeottii, Cucumis pepo, Pepo oil


Pumpkin seed oil is basically extracted from raw pumpkin seeds in cold temperature. Pumpkin oil is also common as green gold and it is highly popular for huge health benefits. Mainly the oil originates in Austria. The oil has its botanical name Cucurbita pepo L. The pumpkin seed is greenish in color and rich with mild odor. It has 1.2 acid values and 4.64 gravity. The oil should be placed in dry and cool place because of its delicate nature. The oil is composed with healthier vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C.

This oil is also called the ‘green gold’ oil and is very among individuals who are health conscious. The best quality oil is obtained from the Cucurbita variance of pumpkins found in Austria.

Uses of pumpkin oil

Aromatherapy uses-
people use it to prevent body infections and skin disease. Its oil incredibly contains antiseptic properties. It is being used to get a glowing and fresh skin. The oil is used in manufacturing of various types of cosmetic lotions and creams.

Medicinal uses-
the oil is widely used to alleviate and preventing the bladder and prostate problems. People apply this oil to remove burnt spots and wounds on the skin. Pumpkin seed oil is used to heal the many skin diseases. Pumpkin oil is one of the best nutritional oils because of the presence of sterols, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. It is extensively used in various heart conditions and fro lowering blood pressure because it has excellent properties of lowering the levels of cholesterol.

Other uses-
pumpkin seed oil is rich with mild and pleasant flavor, so it is used in cooking different types of food.

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