Calamus Oil

Calamus Oil


Common Name:  Calamus Oil

Botanical Name:  Acorus calamus

Other Names:  Calamus, Flagroot, Ugragandha, Vayambu


It is a plant of Indian origin and grows on the banks of lakes and streams. The tree is about one meter high and has sword shaped leaves and yellowish-green flowers.  Its name has been derived from Greek and means “reed”.

Its healing properties are mainly due to the aromatic oil which contained in its roots. The oil is mainly produced in Russia and India and also some parts of Europe by the process of steam distillation.

Medical Properties

Calamus oil is used as   

    •    Stimulating nerve tonic
    •    Antispasmodic
    •    Anticonvulsant
    •    Antiseptic
    •    Carminative
    •    Expectorant
    •    Hypotensive
    •    Tonic to the mind.

As a stimulant for nervous system, it is used to manage many symptoms in the head, including epilepsy and shock memory loss.

Uses of Calamus oil

  1. As an anti-rheumatic it increases the circulation of blood and gives relief from the pain and swelling.
  2. Calamus Oil is also a good anti spasmodic. It is very effective in spasms.
  3. This oil has great effect on brain. It activates it and is very helpful in curing neurotic disorders. It also promotes positive thoughts.
  4. It increases blood circulation and so the nutrients and oxygen easily reach every corner of the body.
  5. Calamus oil has memory boosting effects. So, it is widely used in memory loss.
  6. This oil works as a tranquilizer and is very helpful for people suffering insomnia.

Side Effects

Large doses of Calamus oil can cause mild hallucinations. Therefore it should be diluted before use and be avoided during pregnancy.

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