Hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil


Common Name:  Hazelnut oil

Botanical Name:  Corylus avellana

Other Names:  Filbert, European filbert, Corylus maxima, Corylus maxima seeds


Hazelnut oil acts as excellent carrier oil which is prepared from roasted and pressed hazelnuts. It is also known as filbert nut and cobnut.  It is extracted by pressing hazelnuts which are used as cooking oil and strong flavoring agents. This oil is pale yellow in color and when it is blended with essential oil it gives out strong aromatic scent. This oil is packed with good nutrients and is also used in salad dressing and to bring a flavor in other dishes. As it is pricey oil, its use in regular diet is limited.

Commercially hazelnuts produce in bulk quantities in Turkey, Greece, Georgia, and Italy and in the Spanish region of Catalonia.  Hazelnuts are rich source of proteins and unsaturated fat. They also contain high amounts of vitamin B6 and thiamine including small traces of other proteins. Hazel nut oil is widely used in aromatherapy and is used to treat dull skin. You can also mix this oil in lotions and creams. Whatever might be your skin types, it can help to nourish your skin with no side-effects.

Uses of Hazelnut oil

In aromatherapy this oil is used to lubricate the skin and to maintain its elasticity. It also makes the skin soft.

Cosmetic Industry:
Hazelnut oil also acts as an excellent balm and moisturizer due to its essential fatty acids linoleum acids which helps to rejuvenate your skin. The oil is extensively used for treating dry skin. Since this oil is light it quickly gets absorbed into your skin. It is also used in various skin care products.

Culinary uses:
Due to its sweet taste and pleasant smell it is widely used for the dressing on salads and in a variety of food dishes.

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