Walnut oil

Walnut oil


Common Name:  Walnut oil

Botanical Name:  Juglans ragia

Other Names:  Akhroot, Common Walnut, Persian Walnut


Walnut oil also known as JUGLANS REGIA is a native plant of Persia and North America. The tree grows up to a height of 40 to 60 feet, has a large spreading top and massive stem. It is liquid, brown colored and has a slightly nutty smell. The oil has compounds like Eicosenoic, Arachidic, Alpha Linolenic, Linoleic, Oleic, Palmitic, Palmitoleic etc. It is around 50% linoleic acid and is extracted from Persian walnuts by the cold expression of the Kernel. Most walnut oils are produced in France, some parts of Europe and America.

Uses of Walnut oil:

Aromatherapy uses: 
It has laxative properties and is used as a carrier oil blend. The walnut leaves are used for mild superficial inflammations of the skin and excessive perspirations of the hands and feet. Aroma therapists claim that the message of Walnut oil on the stomach during the night brings stool even in chronic cases of constipation.

Medicinal uses:
The leaves are used for respiratory problems, constipation, urinary stones, diarrhea, anemia, lumbar pain, weak knees etc. Since the oil has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties it is also used for treating acne, inflammation, eczema, dandruff etc.

Culinary uses:
The oil is edible and is used for pan frying but is avoided for high temperature cooking as it reduces the nutritive value. These are generally used in cold dishes like salad dressings.

Other uses:
It is also used by painters both internally and externally, as a paint thinner and brush cleaner and also by woodworkers for finishing purposes.

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