Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil


Common Name:  Calendula Oil

Botanical Name:  Calendula officinalis

Other Names:  Common mariegold, Scottish marigold, Garden mariegold.


Calendula oil is extracted from the petals of marigold flowers by the distillation method. Marigold is also called Calendula Officinalis. The flower can be frown in pots and is South European origin. It reaches the height of about 2 feet and green leaves. The color of flowers varies from orange to yellow.

The flower is known for curing many skin diseases. It is a very highly regarded medicine in the Homoeopathic system of treatment and is very often used to remove the scars of small pox.

Calendula oil is distilled from the flower tops, and is very sticky. Its smell is very strange like the flowers themselves. Many people do not like its smell even when used in a medicine.

Uses of calendula

Calendula oil is used as

    •    Tonic,
    •    Sudorific,
    •    Emmenagogic and
    •    Antispasmodic,

But this oil is mostly used in the treatment of skin diseases. It is widely used for the treatment of bad acne and also for healing of scars. It is also a wonderful remedy to remove scars after small pox. Some experts say that calendula oil is also useful in the treatment of bleeding piles.  It is a very useful treatment for burns when used mixed with some calming lotion. Calendula oil is found as exceptionally helpful medicines for the itching eyes in hay fever. Daily bath with calendula drops mixed in water is good for psoriasis. Most of the medicinal hair oils also add calendula oil as an essential ingredient due to its antiseptic properties. Calendula oil is also said to repair broken capillaries.

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