Watermelon seen oil

Watermelon seen oil


Common Name:  Watermelon seed oil

Botanical Name:  Citrullus Vulgaris

Other Names:  Tarabuuza seeds oil, Anguria, Wassemelone, Battikh ahmar


Watermelon seen oil is obtained from watermelons which were originally cultivated in the East Indies and tropical parts of Africa and are now prominent in Central Asia, Egypt and Palestine where it is also called Kalahari oil. It is extracted from the watermelon seeds having a high nutritive content. The process of extraction Watermelon seed oil includes pressing of the seeds of the watermelon (CITRULLUS VULAGARIS). The oil contents include large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids with linoleic and oleic acids. The watermelon trees are tall and the fruits may weigh up to 30 pounds. It is more prominent to find watermelons in dry states like Kalahari deserts. The oil is light with good absorption properties and slightly nutty smell.

Uses of watermelon seed oil:

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal uses:
It balances the blood, reduces Pitta and also has proved to reduce age related macular degeneration by 36%. It contains large amounts of vitamin C and hence is useful as anti-oxidants. It can relax and expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure and can enhance blood flow. It does not clog the pores of the skin and has the property of naturally removing the toxins from the body. Therefore it is used in the treatment of many skin conditions.

Other uses:
It is also sold as an emollient and is used in personal products. It is highly moisturizing and is an excellent substitute for mineral oil. It is also used in baby care products and commercial skin products. Also it is used in hair care formulations as it is non- greasy and highly moisturizing.

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