Geranium oil

Geranium oil


Common Name:  Geranium oil

Botanical Name:  Pelargonium graveolens

Other Names:  Geranamine, Aetheroleum Pelargonii, Geranium Bourbon


Geranium is a hairy perennial plant that is widely used in hedges and can grow up to one meter of length. The Geranium plant has sharp leaves and is serrated at the edges with pinkish-white flowers on it. This plant leaves and stalks are used for removal, and the geranium oil is obtained through steam distillation process. It also balances the hormone system and stimulates the lymph system in the body. Geranium oil also balances the production of sebum in the skin, keeping it flexible and serving with the healing of wounds.

Uses of Geranium oil

Aromatherapy: The essential oil of geranium has a firm place in aromatherapy because it helps to equilibrium the mind and emotions of a person, while motivating the adrenal cortex. Geranium oil helps clear spots and marks on the body. This oil fades and lightens small pox marks, scars, acne and stretch marks. This stimulates tissue functions in the body by toning the system and improving organ functions to optimal heights. Geranium Oil is a great antiseptic agent as it protects infection from open wounds and cuts.

Medicinal Uses: It is useful in the treatment of skin acne, bruises, cuts, burns, dermatitis, hemorrhoids, eczema, hemorrhoids, edema, sore throat, ulcers, tonsils, breast engorgement, menopausal problems, and strain and neuralgia problem. It can calm the nervous system and induces a deep sense of recreation. This oil cuts through the mess created by pressure and tension and promotes clearness. Geranium Oil is useful in clotting blood as it contracts the blood vessels and speeds up clotting process. It also controls excessive bleeding making it extremely beneficial in the case of a strong menstruation.

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