Thyme oil

Thyme oil


Common Name:  Thyme oil

Botanical Name:  Thymus Vulgaris

Other Names:  Common Thyme, Farigoulette, Huile de Thym, Serpolet, Le thym serpolet


Thyme belongs to the genus Thymus most commonly known as Thymus vulgaris. It is mostly grown in the hot and bright sun with good arrangement of drainage of water. It is generally planted in the spring season and grows as a recurrent plant. It is found in Europe.

Thyme oil is extracted from the fresh or partly dried flowering tops and leaves of the plant by water or steam distillation. It has a sweet herbal smell and is reddish brown to amber in colour.

Uses of thyme oil:

Aromatherapy uses: 
In aromatherapy it is used to massage the head. It is used in cleansing, purifying and energizing our minds.

Medicinal uses:
Thyme oil has great antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is used in mouthwashes and is used to medicate bandages. Thyme oil has been shown effective against various fungi that commonly infect toe nails. Thyme oil is an active ingredient in some natural alcohol free hand Sanitizers. It can be used for coughs and bronchitis. It may be beneficial for treating acne. It helps in fighting cold and flu, poor circulation and respiratory problems. It is also used in many men’s toiletries and lotions.

Culinary uses:
It is used in cooking. Fresh thyme is commonly sold in the form of sprigs. A single stem taken from the plant is sprig. Due to its great taste and aroma it is widely used in different tea preparations in Armenia. It is also used as dressing of many preparations and as a spice added to many preparations.

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