Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil


Common Name:  Wheat germ oil

Botanical Name:  Triticum vulgare

Other Names:  Triticum aestivum, Wheat oil, Triticum durum


Wheat germ oil also called Triticum vulgare is a native of Central Asia has lectin (carbohydrate binding protein) and has hollow, tufted and erect stem and long and narrow leaves with lingual and auricles. It is a very thick liquid, dark brown in color and has a strong smell. It includes stearic fatty acids, squalene, lecithin, linoleum, oleic acid etc. Lecithin is a very important compound which is a good source of protein. It is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel and makes up to 2.5% weight of the kernel. It is also very high in vitamin E. It is also preferred as cooking oil and is expensive and easily perishable.

Uses of Wheat germ oil:

Pharmaceutical and medicinal uses:
It is very effective in improving heart, supports physiological functions and improves overall health. It has also proved to be effective for many conditions of the skin like dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, prematurely aged skin, stretch marks, scars, etc. It is extensively used in the treatment of many cardiovascular problems and for increasing the immunity of the body. It also cures many nervous disorders. Since it is rich in vitamin E it is used to revitalize the reproductive system.

Culinary uses:
It is widely used in the products like baked goods, breakfast cereals, meat, fish and poultry products, pasta, pizza, snack foods, batter mixes, pet foods, agriculture feeds, beverages, adhesive tapes, biodegradable surfactants etc.

Other uses:
The protein is used in shampoos and emollients, manufacturing paints, lubricants and resins. It is also used occasionally in the perfume industry and in men’s toiletries.

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