Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil


Common Name:  Rosemary oil

Botanical Name:  Rosmarinus officinalis

Other Names:  Rosemary, Compass Weed, McConnell's Blue


Rosemary is also known as rosmarinus officinalis, these are traditional plants which yield rosemary oil from its green leaves. The plant is natively from the Mediterranean region and belongs to the family of mint lamiacease herbs that includes basil, mint, lavender and myrtle. The cultivation of the rosemary plant is simple as these can grow in larger size and can be retained for a long time. The plant has an element of shrub and its leaves look like needles. This plant can be turned in low hedges and formal shape. The plant is grown in small pots in the medium climate of the Mediterranean.

Rosemary oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation of the leaves and tops of the flowers. The oil has thin consistency and is colorless. But sometimes its color is also pale yellow.

Uses of rosemary oil

Aromatherapy uses-
As the rosemary plant is associated with mint family, hence it is used for giving aroma therapy to the people. It is widely used as a home remedy to heal from the skin infections and other diseases. It is highly fertile with basil and lavender, so it is used for many cosmetic lotions and moisturizers.

Medicinal uses-
It is used to detoxify the body in system of Ayurvedic treatments. The oil is good for indigestion, stomach cramps and flatulence. The hairs become longer and stronger by the use of this oil on a regular basis.

Other uses-
The oil is used for giving flavor in the food and widely used in various types of dishes as element of an ingredient in the cooking.

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