Patchouli oil

Patchouli Oil


Common Name:  Patchouli oil

Botanical Name:  Pogostemon cablin

Other Names:  Patcholi oil Ratio, Patchouly, Pogostemon oil


Patchouli is a bushy herb of the mint family with small pinkish flowers. It originated in tropical regions of Asia. It grows in warm, humid and tropical climates and is cultivated in China, India, Malaysia as well as West Africa. The botanical name of patchouli is pogostemon cablin. It grows well under irrigation and in less rainfall areas.

The oil is extracted by steam distillation by rupturing the cell walls with the process of drying and light fermentation. It is thick oil and is golden brown in colour. The two important components of this oil are patchoulol and norpatchoulenol.

Uses of patchouli oil:

Aromatherapy uses:
It has a soothing effect on our minds and brings free love and a feeling of liberation. The oil is calming and helps in enhancing spirituality. It is useful in prayers and meditation. It helps to reduce anxiety, tension and insomnia. It has an intoxicating aroma and has been used for dandruff and oily hair. It is also a remedy for many skin problems. It is used in creams and lotions.

Medicinal uses:
It is used in the treatment of many skin disorders like eczema, athlete’s foot and dermatitis. It is helpful in healing wounds and scars. It improves digestion, controls vomiting and has a tonic and sedative effect on the nervous system.

Culinary uses:
People use patchouli on valuable clothing and carpets to repel moths. It is used as room fresheners and in the food industry.

Holistic uses: It is widely used as a perfumery and an insect repellent. It is used in making incense sticks.

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