Fennel seed oil

Fennel seed oil


Common Name:  Fennel seed oil

Botanical Name:  Foeniculum vulgare

Other Names:  Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Fenkel, Saunf, Fennel oil


Fennel is a tall perennial clump shaped plant. It is also a common umbelliferous herbal plant and grows about 6 feet.  The plant is characterized by glossy and hollow stems, deep roots with feathery and ornamental leaves. The yellow flowers usually appear in the umbels during summers followed oval brown seeds. It is native to Europe but is also believed to be found on the shores of the Mediterranean as well in India and Persia.

Know About its Parts

The scientific name of fennel is Foeniculum vulgare Mill and it belongs to the family of Apiaceae (carrots). It is also known by its common names like common fennel, sweet fennel, wild fennel and many others. The name comes from a Latin word “foenum” which means hay. Umbelliferae family has two types of fennel, one has a bitter flavor while the other has sweet sugary flavor. Fennel seeds, leaves, stems, roots and oil are used for a number of culinary and medicinal purpose.

Usually the sweet fennel essential oils are extracted by crushing the seeds and then passed through a process known as steam distillation. Since the sweet fennel essential oil is potent it should be used in diluted amount.

Its Properties and Medicinal Uses

Fennel seed oil acts as an antidepressant drug, relieves from depressive disorder and heals wounds caused due to infection. It is anti-nausea in nature and alleviates sickness. This is also used as a flavoring agent, as an insect repellant as well as herbal remedy for poisoning and GI conditions. This essential oil also soothes premenstrual tensions and bloating.

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