Galbanum oil

Galbanum oil


Common Name:  Galbanum oil

Botanical Name:  Ferula galbaniflua

Other Names:  Ferula gummosa, Ferula rubricaulis, Ferula, Galbaniflua


Galbanum is an aromatic plant that was used in Jerusalem and Ancient Egypt as incense in religious rituals. The name Galbanum comes from the Greek word ‘chalban’ or the Hebrew word ‘Chelbanah’. The plant is soft, hard, and uneven, with shiny leaflets and very small flowers. It is Yellow or greenish-yellow in hue and is bitter in taste, but galbanum oil has a fresh, woody, and spiced scent which is similar to that of green apples, parsley or green bamboo. It has the strong scent of turpentine, and when dilute, the odor bears a resemblance to pine. The Galbanum plant is inborn to present day Iran. The plant is also grown in Afghanistan and some parts of India. 

Uses of Galbanum oil

Aromatherapy: It has wonderful healing claims due to its painkilling, antiseptic, anti-parasitic properties present in the oil. This oil is also used by sportsmen and sporting persons as it relaxes muscles and nerves and relieves pain. Galbanum oil helps in reducing spasms in the guts and respiratory tract of the body.

Medicinal Uses: Galbanum oil is effective in improving the flow of blood and purifying the body, building it a good medicine for gout and arthritis patients. Galbanum oil is used in helping the immune, gastric, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems of the human body. It helps in healing bronchitis, asthma, cold & coughs, nervous strains and abscesses. It also helps in fetching relief to kidney complications as it is a diuretic in nature. It also comforts menstruation in women. Galbanum Oil’s cicatrizing property makes it well-organized in healing slow remedial wounds, acne & scars, Chicken pox marks or even pimples.

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