Pine oil

Pine oil


Common Name:  Pine oil

Botanical Name:  Pinus sylvestris

Other Names:  Scots Pine, Pine Essential Oil, Monterey Pine, Pin Sylvestre, Pinus radiata


The pine oil is basically dug out through coniferous pine trees, which is found throughout the world. The botanical name of pine is Pinus Sylvestris and it was used by the Americans to stop the scurvy problems. The cultivation of pine tree can be anywhere but especially it is grown in the arid regions and mountains. The pine tree leaves are green in color and look like needles in shape. According to the pine species the leaves are found categorized into a set of five to eight leaves.

The pine oil is obtained by the method of steam distillation of needles, cones and twigs. The oil is a transparent liquid sometimes having pale yellow color. It has sweet turpentine like woody aroma. The various chemical compounds present in the oil are careen, pentene and Borneo etc.

Uses of pine oil

Aromatherapy uses-
Pine oil is commonly used for aromatherapy to give a fresh and energetic pleasure to the people. The oil is used by many aromatherapists in body grievances like bladder infections, colds, coughs asthmas and arthritis. 

Medicinal uses-
Pine oil is extracted from the dried leaves of pine trees so it is considered as antibacterial, antibiotic, analgesic, antifungal and antiviral. People apply pine oil on the skin to get rid of skin infection like psoriasis, neuralgia, scraps aches and ringworm.

Other uses-
People apply the oil to get rid of mental and physical fatigue. Many people use it in various recipes cooking process to give a delicious taste to the food. It is also used in diverse type of soups and pesto.

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