Sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil


Common Name:  Sesame seed oil

Botanical Name:  Sesamum Indicum

Other Names:  Gingelly oil, Asian sesame oil, Benne seeds oil, Sesamolina, Hulled Sesame Seeds


Sesame seed oil is a kind of vegetable oil which is derived from sesame seeds. The sesame seed oil is having a composition of fatty acids like Linoleic, Palmitic, Palmitoleic and Eicosenoic. The sesame seed was the first crop in the world which was cultivated for the extraction of oil and during Indus valley civilization it was cultivated by the Canadian.  When the seeds completely ripe, then it is protected through chemical capsules for a long time. The oil is extracted during low temperature through the process of cold processing. Sesame oil is also known as good oil and Nalla Ennai in Malayalam language.

The sesame plant is said to be originated in Africa but now it found in the tropical regions throughout the world. The plant attains the height of about 50 to 100 centimeters. It has white to purple colored flowers. The oil has a thick consistency and is light yellow in color.

Uses of sesame oil

Aromatherapy uses-
Sesame oil is used in aromatherapy and body massage. People especially use it for a foot massage to release from fatigue and tension. It is also used in daily skin massage and scalp massage. Girls especially use it to get larger and stronger hair with a healthier scalp.

Medicinal uses –
The sesame oil is commonly used in production of Ayurvedic drugs by the therapists. The oil is good for children as the oil protects babies from rashes on their skin.

Other uses-
The oil is rich in fatty acids, hence people use it to make delicious recipes.

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