Star Anise oil

Star Anise oil


Common Name:  Star Anise oil

Botanical Name:  Illicium verum

Other Names:  Star Anise, Aniseed, Chinese Anise, Badian Anise, Badiana


Star anise oil is derived from the Star anise plant, or Illicium verum. Not to be confused with aniseed oil (Pimpinella anisum) due to similar name and similar aroma, Star Anise is a completely different plant. The oil has liquorice like sweet and spicy aroma. The plant is of oriental origins and bears a star shaped fruit from which the oil is obtained by steam distillation. The oil has a pale yellow coloration. This annual vertical herb can attain a height of up to 0.5 meter on an average. Fruits can be of grayish green to dense caramel brown in color. Major part of the oil, about 90% of it is anethole.

Uses of Star Anise oil   

Aromatherapy: In modern aromatherapy practices, this oil is used for its diuretic, carminative, digestive and stimulant properties. It is also useful in the treatment of skin problems and to combat fatigue caused by stress. Star anise oil is especially recommended for the well being of the feminine as it has a particular female affinity. 

Other medical uses: The oil helps in improving concentration and can have a positive effect on the libido. It is also used as a breath freshener.

Culinary: In dishes star anise oil is used as a flavor and is also used in preparing some liqueurs.

Other spiritual and holistic uses: The anise plant was referred by folklore to ward off the evil eye. Probably this is the reason why sometimes marriage ceremonies are associated with anise. The ancient Romans served star anise tea and cakes to the guests after their marriage ceremonies.

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