Sage oil

Sage oil


Common Name:  Sage oil

Botanical Name:  Salvia Sclarea

Other Names:  clarry plant, Tuylu Adacayi, Muscatel Sage, Clary sage oil


Sage oil is extracted from the dried leaves of sage plants through the distillation steam system. Sage is also known as Salvia officinalis and having a botanical nomenclature system. It is a popular name in the cosmetic industry and people use it for various types of purposes. The Sage name is derived from Save, which means cure and heal in critical conditions. The oil is well composed through many scientific chemicals like herbals, mycene, limonene, a-pinene, a-thujone, 1, 8-cineole, and bornyl acetate. It is highly used by people for the many purposes like as ingredients in food, cosmetics and medicines.

Sage oil is obtained from the common or the Dalmatians variety of the sage plant. This plant is found in abundance throughout the world in semiarid regions. The color of the oil is pale yellow. It has a warm and spicy smell. It is an essential drug for the regeneration of the skin. The name sage has been derived from the ‘salvation’ and the plant was once considered as a very sacred herb by the Romans. 

Uses of Sage oil

Aromatherapy uses-
It helps to help the people through aromatherapy during the depression situations. However the oil has a high level of content of thujone that can be a reason of convulsion, if used in high quantity. This oil is beneficial for boosting the function of glands in the human body.

Medicinal uses-
If we talk about its medical uses, then sage oil is the best product for longer and bright hairs. Especially girls use this oil to get a bright and dandruff free hair. It also provides care in the female disease like menopause and urinary tract.

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