Juniper berry oil

Juniper berry oil


Common Name:  Juniper berry oil

Botanical Name:  Juniperus communis

Other Names:  Common juniper, Himalayan juniper, Genévrier, Gemeiner Wachholder, Enebro


Juniper berry is a female seed cone which is produced by various species of Juniper. Essentially it is not a berry but a cone with unusually merged and fleshy scales which give it a berry like appearance. The cones usually originate from some species known as Juniperus Communis which is normally used as spices in European cuisines. The distinct flavor of gin is derived from it.

Juniper berry is the only spice which is extracted from conifers through its inner bark and tar from pine trees which is used as a sweetener in Apache cuisines. Since ancient times the branches and berries of Juniper-a coniferous tree has been used for spiritual, medicinal and in aromatherapy. Juniper berry oil has characteristic woody, sweet, fresh and crisp aroma. It readily blends with wood oil like sandalwood, cedar wood, rosewood and other conifers. The common method of extraction is through steam distillation which has a thin and clear consistency.


Uses of Juniper Berry oil

Medicinal uses:
Juniper berries also act as a natural antiseptic as its essential oil helps to combat acne when it is used in low solutions in various skin care applications. People also use Juniper berry essential oil as an air or a mist freshener to kill airborne germs. In medicine it is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections like cystitis etc.

In aromatherapy, Juniper essential oil is used to calm and ease tensions. It is also a great nervine tonic and used as a massage oil to restore the nervous balance.

It is also a very popular ingredient of men’s’ after shave lotions and perfumes.

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