Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil


Common Name:  Jojoba oil

Botanical Name:  Simmondsia chinensis

Other Names:  simmondsin, jojoba seedlings, Simmondsia californica, goatnut


Jojoba oil is a golden color and odorless liquid wax extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant. This is essentially a shrub that grows in Southern Arizona, north western Arizona and southern California. It makes up about 50 % of the Jojoba seed oil. Its biological name is Simmondsia chinensis.

At room temperature Jojoba oil appears to be clear golden color with a mild fatty odor. The melting point of Jojoba oil is 10°C and its iodine value is 80 approximately. When compared with other vegetable oil it is relatively shelf-stable as it does not have triglycerides unlike coconut oil and grape seed oil.


Uses of Jojoba oil

Since this essential oil has no or mild skin reactions, it is used for hair and skin products in aromatherapy. It regulates the sebum produced in the skin as oil and controls the greasy nature of the skin. If you have dry skin it can act as a regular moisturizer. It works as wonder for your skin and acts as lip balm for chapped and dry lips.

Medicinal uses:
As a medicine this oil is used to treat pimples, warts, mouth sores, cuts and athlete's foot. It also helps to cure dry skin.

Other Uses:
Jojoba oil can be used in place of whale oil as it is derived from acetyl alcohol. The ban of importing whale oil led to the discovery of Jojoba oil. It is much superior to sperm oil as it is used in cosmetic and other industries. It also acts as an additive in various cosmetic products especially the ones that are marketed from natural ingredients.

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