Lemon oil

Lemon oil


Common Name:  Lemon oil

Botanical Name:  Citrus limonum

Other Names:  Citrus lemona, Lemon, Citronnier, Neebu, Arabic Limun


Lemon oil is also used in aromatherapy and it is extracted from the Citrus Limonum which is also known as Citrus Limon. It belongs to the Rutaceae family and known by other common names like terpeneless oil and cedro oil. Lemon oil has an intoxicating and strong scent. It is pale greenish-yellow in color and has a watery viscosity. The important point to be noted is that the shelf life of lemon oil is only 8-9 months.

This plant is native to India and is an evergreen tree. It grows about 6 feet and has stark green oval leaves which bear highly perfumed pink or white flowers. The tree has thorns and its fruit turns from green to yellow on ripening. The fruit has a good source of Vitamin A, B and C. It is one of the popular flavoring agents and is widely used in perfumes and food. Lemon oil is extracted from the fresh fruit peel by the process of cold compression.

Uses of Lemon Oil

Aromatherapy: It is also useful in aromatherapy. It is used as an antiseptic, antitoxic, diuretic and decongestant. It is used as massage oil to soothe the skin.

Medicinal Uses: Lemon oil is quite beneficial to the circulatory system and aids in blood flow, reduces blood pressure and combats nose bleeds. It brings down fever, relieves various throat infections, bronchitis, flu and asthma. Its juice has a low PH which makes it antibacterial in nature. It is also a very useful remedy for arthritis and rheumatism. It also stimulates the glandular system.

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