Ginger oil

Ginger oil


Common Name:  Ginger oil

Botanical Name:  Zingiber officinale

Other Names:  Ginger, Common Ginger, Jamaica Ginger, Jengibre, Ginger root oil


Ginger is a recurrent plant (herb) and grows to about 3 to 4 feet high. It has a thick spreading tuberous stem. Each year it sprouts up a follow with narrow spear-shaped leaves. It has white and yellow flowers growing directly from the roots. The Ginger plant is said to have originated in India, Java and china, however is also native to Africa continent and West Indies.

Ginger  is dug out from the plant ‘Zingiberaceae officinale’ of the ‘Zingiberaceae family’ and is also known as Common Ginger and Jamaica Ginger. The Ginger oil is extracted by means of the steam distillation process from the peeled or dried, rhizome (ground-up root) of the plant and can yield about 2 - 4 % oil from a plant.

Uses of Ginger Oil

Aromatherapy: In today's aromatherapy medication, it is used to clear up dampness from runny noses and also to comfort in sinusitis and sore throats. Ginger oil is used to inspire the body to sweat when fevers are involved. It also counteracts ailments that are caused by humidity.

Medicinal Uses: Organic ginger oil acts as a digestive medicine and comforts in indigestion problem, acute stomach pain and vomiting. It is also used for stopping diarrhea caused by poor ingestion. Ginger finds application in pharmacological preparations and is beneficial for a healthy heart and increases the tone and intestine peristalsis. It is effective against fever, jaundice, dropsy and asthma.

Other uses: It is spicy and has peppery smell. It is often mixed with other oils to prepare various mixtures for different sicknesses. The powder organic ginger is used as a food flavor agent and is great in various types of Indian and Chinese food.

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