Valerian oil

Valerian oil


Common Name:  Valerian oil

Botanical Name:  Valeriana officinalis

Other Names:  Valerian root oil, Valeriana officinalis root oil, Valerianaceae oil


Valerian oil also called VALERIANA OFFICINALIS is a wild pale brown color plant and is grown and cultivated in the northern parts of India and Eastern and Central Europe.  It has been naturalized in Western Europe and some parts of North America also. It is cultivated in the summer and has a wooden and spicy root with a sweet scent smell. Also the plant has about 200 perennial herbs and shrubs. Its appearance is like a mobile liquid and is extracted through a process of steam distillation of the roots. 

Uses of Valerian oil:

Aromatherapy uses: 
It is a sedative herb and is used to calm the nerves, relieve pain, stimulate the appetite, lower blood pressure and improve digestion. It is also used in the treatment of insomnia and getting fast relief in cases of severe depression.

Medicinal uses: 
Valerian oil has great medicinal properties and is therefore used in the treatment of a variety of diseases. It is good for the heart, palpitations, nervous dyspepsia, stomach cramps, insomnia, headache, migraines, etc. It acts as a tranquilizer and is known as non-narcotic herbal sedative. Due to this property it has become a drug of choice in the patients suffering from insomnia and mental disorders.

Culinary uses: 
Popular as dressings on salads of France, it is used for making tea and is expected to produce a good relaxing effect. Two teaspoons of valerian root may be used for cold infusion and is also eaten by tribes of western mountains in India.

Other uses: 
It is used in many blended perfumes and also boosts vegetable growth.

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