Mandarin oil

Mandarin oil


Common Name:  Mandarin oil

Botanical Name:  Citrus Madurensis

Other Names:  Calamondin Orange, Musk Lime, Calamondin, Calamansi, Philippine Orange


Mandarin oil is obtained from Citrus reticulate which is also known as madurensis, nobilis, unshiu and deliciosa. It belongs to the Rutaceae family and is referred by other names like tangerine, European mandarin, naartjie and true mandarin. The common method of extraction is through cold compress from the outer peel. It has warm, citrus, fruity and complex floral aroma. Some of the largest producing countries are Italy, Spain, Algeria, Cyprus, Brazil and USA.

This essential oil is known all over the world for its warm and fruit fragrance. It is grown all over the world in almost all continents because this plant is compatible with all kinds of soil and in tropical conditions. Commercially there are two varieties of this oil which are Mandarin which is mainly from Europe and other is Tangerine which is from the United States. According to experts both these varieties are same.

Uses of Mandarin Oil

It is also used in aromatherapy as a medicinal herb. It is used as massage oil for the treatment of scars and stretch marks.

Medicinal uses:
It has antiseptic, sedative, stimulant, calmative, carminative and laxative properties. It is primarily used for the treatment of various liver problems and cures indigestion. It is also a very useful remedy for the cure of insomnia and stress.

Other uses:
Mandarin oil is essentially used in cosmetics, perfumes and body sprays. The fragrance is refreshing and the properties of Mandarin resemble Chamomile which is almost same like citrus oil.

It should not be used by the pregnant women and in concentrated form.

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