Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris ( Gokhru )


Indian Name:  Gokhru

Botanical Name:  Tribulus Terrestris

Other Names:  Small Caltrops, Gokshura, Land-calotrops, Puncture Vine.


Tribulus Terrestris is a plant which is usually found in the tropical areas of the continents. It is also called as Puncture Vine and is a small plant with comes along with some thorns. This is used both in the traditional as well as in modern medicinal technologies. Before getting the plant ready to be used medicinally to be consumed by the persons, an extract should be prepared out of the plant. There are basically two methods which can be used for this extraction and they are: Water Extraction and Alcohol Extraction. Steroidal Saponin Protodioscin is the major extract of this plant and this is extracted by the use of alcohol extraction. After the extraction process, the extract formed is dried in an oven and thus we get a powdered version of the extract.

It has great medicinal advantages for which it is used by many of the people whether be it men or women. Diuretic problems are treated in Greece by the use of this flowering plant whereas in China the same is used for curing headache and early ejaculation. Many parts of Turkey uses the same for treating cholesterol problems and hypertension.

For people who are crazy about building an excellent physiques this plant helps them in providing to them with a great natural supplement. This enhances their muscle power, strength and enhances growth. It is widely used in Bulgaria and Greece for its sex stimulating nature. Tribulus Terrestris plant has the highest quality of its own self in Bulgaria hence one needs to be careful and chose the plant which is of the Bulgarian origin. This plant has negative side effects as it is hundred percent natural in nature. These days’ people come across news when sports persons take steroids to enhance their strength and power, well Tribulus Terrestris can act as a steroid in a very natural way.

It is also a well known fact that taking steroids has adverse affect on the production of testosterone and which ultimately is the reason behind impotency. But in case of using this plant there are no side effects and it also helps in the restoration of the testosterone levels to normal. This has been proven by medical science via the number of researches that has been carried out that this plant is the proven cure for erectile dysfunction and helps in enhancement of libido.

The popularity of this plant is un-debatable and this though is popular amongst men and women but is more popular in sport professionals. The men use this extensively not only to increase their strength and power but also for erectile dysfunction and for anti premature ejaculation issues. But having said all this extreme care should be taken before using this natural supplement as this has to be in the original form which is considered to be the best one found in Bulgaria. Better is also a proposition to consult a doctor before one ends up in consuming the plant extract and about the proportion in which it is to be consumed.

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