Phyllanthus Niruri

Phyllanthus Niruri ( Bhui Amla


Indian Name:  Bhui Amla 

Botanical Name:  Phyllanthus Niruri

Other Names:  Bahupatra, Bhumiamalaki, Tamalaki


Phyllanthus amarus is a one of the different types of medicinal herb which is commonly found in coastal areas. This herb has a wide range of medicinal values and uses and is found scattered in gardens, fields and various other agricultural lands. The plant is not huge in size but short along with tiny leaves. In the southern part of India this medicinal herb plant is known with two names such as keezha nelli and keezhar nelli.

Health benefits of the Phyllanthus amarus

Phyllanthus amarus is a great natural coolant and can be used for stimulating hair growth. Phyllanthus amarus is widely used as hair shampoo by females in all over the southern part of the country India. The positive effects caused by Phyllanthus amarus when applied on hair include cleansing of hair and making it grow. In addition to it, it also provides cool feel to head, eyes and hair since this herb is naturally coolant. When it comes to applying of the herb as a cleanser over the hair, it must be grinded before putting to hair. Thereafter, it should be washed out with water that will take away all the dirt along with it. Hence, this Phyllanthus amarus can be considered as the best substitute for the conditioner or shampoo. 

Medicinal uses of Phyllanthus niruri

Phyllanthus niruri can be taken by the patient with jaundice. When suffered from jaundice, the juice of Phyllanthus must be taken for fast recovery. Amarus has the components that can effectively cure the hepatitis-B. In India this herb got a wide use by people in all over India for curing problems and diseases of stomach and liver. For women with problems relating to menstruation and in uterus this herb is quite handy that may effectively cure them. 

Phyllanthus Amarus –A remedy for kidney problems

Further this Phyllanthus Amarus can help people to cure the kidney stones in them. In fact, this Amarus can easily lessen the calcium of urine and thus comfortably provides relief to the problem of kidney stone.
When the amount of urinary calcium gets reduced, chances are more that you would not have stone formation in your kidney.

Phyllanthus Amarus has the substance of oxalate crystals that help in fast healing of kidney stone problems. It would also further lead to the effective inhibition of the spreading virus of hepatitis B in blood.

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