Solanum Nigrum

Solanum Nigrum ( Makoi )

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Indian Name:  Makoi

Botanical Name:  Solanum Nigrum

Other Names:  Black Nightshade, Kakamachi, Petty Morel, Duscle.


Solanum Nigrum, the most popular short-lived perennial shrub is also known by another name called the Black nightshade. This herb is commonly found in most of the disturbed habitats and wooded regions as well. This herbal plant has certain heights varying from 30–120 cm with leaves having 4-7.5 cm in length.

Medicinal Uses

Going back to the history, we can find the mention of this plant being used for various medicinal purposes. It was widely used during the ancient period in Greece that has been continuing till today. The plant of this species is known for being highly poisonous; however, it is still disputed as the inquiries conducted recently show it to be conditional. During the course of experiment carried out on dogs, it has been found that Solanine, the active principle inhibiting the poisonous properties in huge quantities usually vary from season to season. 

The berries are quite detrimental to children, adults with impunity usually eat when ripen as the poisonous substances are all found in the green parts. Solanum Nigrum is applied in such a way that bittersweet is applied for making medicines. Leaves are taken in small amounts thus promoting perspiration and owing to which the bowels get purged the next day. For fever and allaying pain, the juice is sometimes used. When the intake gets huge it sometimes leads to some sort of seriousness but does not lead to that much fatal poisoning. For external use for skin problems, juice or the ointment made out of leaves are suggested to apply for due to its effectiveness.  Tumors can also be cured with them.

The fruit has the cosmetic use in which one has to rub the seeds on cheeks for the removal of freckles. Moreover, there is another use of the fruit for diabetes. Besides, the roots, stalk decoction and leaves can cure wounds as well as cancerous sores.

For infants with abdominal upsets the infusion of plant can be used as enema. For the treatment of liver cirrhosis the extract of the plant is quite effective thus serving an antidote leading to opium poisoning.

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