Adhatoda Vasica

Adhathoda Vasica ( Vasaka )


Indian Name : Malabar Nut

Botanical Name : Adhatoda vasica

Other Names : Adulsa, Arusa plant, Vasaca

The medicinal properties of Adhatoda vasica Nees (Natural Order: Acanthaceae), called Vasa or Vasaka in Sanskrit, have been known in India and several other countries for thousands of years. The plant has been recommended by Ayurvedic physicians for the management of various types of respiratory disorders.

The plant is distributed all over the plains of India & in lower Himalayan ranges, ascending to a height of 1,500m.

Chemical composition/key active constituents
A bioactive pyrroloquinazoline alkaloid, vaccine about 1.3%, includes other alkaloids viz., vasicol, adhatonine, vsicinone, vasicinol, vasiciolone, aliphatic hydroketones viz., hydroxyhexateracont-l-en-15 one and 37 hydroxy hentetracontam-19-one.

The bronchodilatory & expectorant properties of the leaves are attributed to vasicine. The Drug possesses abortifacient activity & significant antimicrobial activity against gingival inflammation and pyorrhea.

Remedies For
Antimicrobial, Antitussive, Anticancer, useful in infinite atopical dermatitis, Bronchodilatory, Expectorant.


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