Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringaraj )


Indian Name:  Bhringaraj

Botanical Name:  Eclipta Alba

Other Names:  Kesharanjana, Mochkand, Bhangra plant


Eclipta Alba, the annual herbaceous plant, is also called as false daisy. This wonderful plant may be found as an erect or prostrate with many branches having roughly hair, and quite rooting at the nodes.
Leaves have the appearance looking lanceolate, sessile and opposite. Belonging to family Asteraceae is the family where this plant belongs; it is mostly known by the names such as Karisilakanni and Bhringaraj. As a common weed it is found every in India.

The specific Eclipta Alba refers to the white indicating the colors of the flowers. The major constituents available in the Eclipa albha include oleanane & taraxastane, wedelolactone, furanocoumarins and desmethylwedelolactone43. The use of this wonderful plant is found in different parts of the world particularly of tropical and sub-tropical geographical landmass like South Africa, America and Asia. Eclipta Alba is of three different types such as the black fruiting, yellow flowering and white flowering as well.


In India these plants are mainly found in the foothills of the Himalayas, marshes, lakes and rivers. This plant is found to be used in various herbal formulations forming a home remedy for liver problems; it can also show effect over the liver cell generation.


It is widely taken as a perfect tonic; further skin diseases along with jaundice can also be cured on using the product of the plant.

The alcoholic extract that is inhibited in the plant shows the activity of antiviral and hence became a wonderful remedy against Ranikhet disease virus41. The plant is universally used as hair oil which is a common sight in the entire country of India. It comprises of certain components that make the hair look black, healthy and smoothly long. If you want to increase your appetite and improve your digestion you can go for using the fresh juice extracted from leaves. Apart from, it is quite helpful for regulating the bowel. For viral hepatitis you can also take the juice of the leaves in order to promote the flow of bile and protect parenchyma.

The plant has also earned the popularity and reputation as anti-ageing component used in the practice of Ayurveda.

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