Rauwolfia Serpentina

Rauwolfia Serpentina ( Sarpagandha  )


Indian Name:  Sarpagandha 

Botanical Name:  Rauwolfia Serpentina

Other Names: Snake Root, Serpentine Root, Indian Snake Root


Rauvolfia Serpentine is famously known as the Indian Snakeroot. It has also another name called Sarpagandha. This plant has some of the major constituents that make it quite unique and owing to these, it has become a major source of medicines. Major medicinal properties and components found in it are isoreserpiline, serpentinine, yohimbine, ajmaline, aricine, rauwolscine, rescinnamine, corynanthine, deserpidine, lankanescine, reserpine, reserpiline and isoreserpine.

Due to the presence of various medicinal properties this plant got wide range of uses. The major uses of the plant are treating of various disorders of central nervous system comprising of psychosis, insomnia, epilepsy, insanity and schizophrenia.

Extracts of the roots are given huge importance for treating the intestinal disorders, especially the infections such as diarrhea and dysentery followed by an anathematic as well. After being blended with any other plant extracts, they have become a huge source of medicines and came into use for the treatment of certain serious diseases like cholera, fever and colic. Most of the people from the past have been using the root while stimulating uterine contrition during difficult phase of child-birth. The leaves are also helpful after extracting juices that can be used for opacity of the cornea.

Major uses of Rauwolfia Serpentina

High blood pressure:  The Rauvolfia herb is considered as the best remedial relief for those having high blood pressure.  Even the modern medical practitioners today are widely using the alkaloids having huge effect on hypertension.

In insanity:  The rauwolfia plant is also can be used for curing the insanity. When a gram of powder of root is taken for two times a day with 250 ml of goat’s milk after getting sweetened with sugar candy, the insanity may be eradicated.

In insomnia: Insomnia can be cured with a home remedy with Rauwolfia since it has certain sedative properties. However, one must consult experienced professional regarding the amount of intake to be taken. 

In Hysteria: People with hysteria can cure it with Rauwolfia. Taking a single gram of root powder with milk thrice a day will work beneficially. It must be continued till one gets fully cured. In addition, itching of skin in urticaria may also be cured when taken with water.

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