Argyreia Nervosa

Argyreia Nervosa ( Vidhara )


Indian Name:  Vidhara

Botanical Name:  Argyreia Nervosa

Other Names:  Elephant Creeper, Vriddadaru, Samudrasos, Woolly Morning Glory


Argyreia Nervosa, popularly called Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Wooly Morning Glory and Elephant Creeper is widely found in the Indian subcontinent but also scattered in number of areas across the globe. It was in 1960s the wonderful medicinal characteristics of this beautiful plant had been discovered. Today one can find every ingredient of it in medicines developed in all over the world.

Among all the parts of the plant, the significant ones are the seeds; these seeds are only availed in dried plants and composed of certain valuable organic matters.

Medicinal Properties And Uses

Along with ghee the root powder forms a great medicinal combination as an alternative; however in certain cases, such as elephantiasis sometimes rice water is given blended with root powder.   

For joints inflammation it is provided mingled with milk along with a little castor oil. In order to cure rheumatic swelling and reducing obesity a paste made out of the roots mixed with rice water is a good remedial solution. After research it has been found the entire plant contains antiseptic properties and hence very useful for curing of various diseases.  For instance, the leaves of the plant have antiphlogistic properties and owing to it, one can apply those leaves over various diseases & wounds. When one has to cure tumors, carbuncles, sores and boils the silky side of the leaf can be beneficially applied. Another significant use of the leaves lies in the extraction of the guinea worms. Further, for curing otitis you can use the juice of the leaf. 

Apart from all these, there are also certain side effects of the uses. On consuming Argyreia Nervosa, you may possibly experience side effects like nausea and certain upsets of stomach.
Ways To Consume Argyreia Nervosa 

When it comes to intake, you have to be a bit careful of taking food. It is advisable not to eat food four to six hours before prior to taking of seeds. The dosage is 4 to 8 seeds. For the first timers, it is suggested to take only 2 to 3 seeds. It is also encouraged to chew the seeds for as long as you can so that the saliva of your body may fully absorb the active substances.

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