Acorus calamus

Acorus calamus ( Vacha plant )


Indian Name:  Vacha plant

Botanical Name:  Acorus calamus

Other Names:  Calamus, Flagroot, Ugragandha, Vayambu


Acorus Calamus belongs to the family of Araceae. Acorus symbolically means that it is an aromatic plant and the word calamus means “reed”. It is usually found in the wet regions. Specifically discussing about the areas where it is found, it can be said that it is found mainly near the banks of the water streams and the banks of the river which extends in the Southern Canada which specifically starts from James Bay to Nova Scotia, from southern to northern Carolina, western part of Texas, and the Oregon Coast. It has long leaves which resemble like swords and they are pale glossy green in color. The midrib of the leaf runs across the length of the entire leaf. These plants are usually found to grow up till five feet in length.

This herb has mention three times in the holy book of Christians which is the Bible. It is not so sure but ancient people say that the oil extracted from it was used by Moses to anoint the masses during that period of time. It is firmly said that the native people or American Indians, who used to possess the herb used to trade it because of mainly the following reasons; firstly these were rare to find, secondly it had spiritual qualities, and thirdly it also had medicinal benefits. Hence during that period of time it was a major trading commodity.

It is immensely useful in the making of perfumes, oil and in making incense. The aromatic oil is used for healing purposes by many people. This oil is found in the root of the herb. This was used when a person was down with fever, has nervous system related issues, headaches, or dysentery etc.

In the modern age the Acorus Calamus is believed to be considered as an anti inflammatory and antispasmodic element which is greatly helpful in soothing the intestinal tract of the human population. It also finds it usage in curing several other diseases ranging from asthma, congestion in kidney, and low blood pressure.

Though it finds its benefits and place in the modern scientific world in the arena of medicine yet its soothing nature and the spiritual connection associated with it cannot be denied fully. This is still used as holy anointing oil in many parts of the world. This oil has an extreme soothing effect when it is gently placed on the abdominal area. As this is a rare herb to find it is not completely used in the sole pure format but is used in the blended form. One must be careful in getting and using the oil of Calamus as this is a rare herb to find and the herb which the person is going to use may or may not be the pure form of the herb and may even have some negative effects if it is not the purest form which is mentioned in the ancient holy texts such as Bible. Thus we see that though this herb works in the direction of uplifting mind, body, and soul, yet it requires careful consideration in selection of the right kind of pure herb for best benefits to be withdrawn from it.

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