Aromatherapy Candles Scented With Essential Oils

You must have seen your pets suffering from the menace of ticks and fleas.  If you see them scratching vigorously then it’s evident that fleas and ticks are troubling them and this initial scratching might lead to skin infection and bleeding. As the cosmetic treatment might prove to be dangerous for the pet, it is advised that you make use of natural oils to get rid of this problem. The oil substance which is basically used to get rid of this problem consist of thyme, cinnamon and lemon grass. The application of natural oils is not only safe but also effective for both pets as well as the owners.

Even though natural oil doesn’t possess any threat to the user, it is recommended that you don’t apply it on sensitive area of human body including nose, eyes and ears. In case of pets, you can spray the oil gently starting from the tail, legs or underbelly. After you have sprayed oil on them, you can gently run the coat in the opposite direction so that the oil is able to penetrate the skin of your pet. The application of the oil substance will not harm the pet or the owner, but is very effective in killing ticks and fleas. Also, the natural oils do not interfere with the bloodstream of the pet, but will reach to the hair follicles and provide the coat a nice protection. Thus, it is very safe for the pets to use.

Scented aromatherapy candlesBesides applying them on your pet’s skin, you can effectively use this oil for spraying them in your house, especially in the areas where the fleas infest like room corners, crevices, window sills, bedding etc. Tea tree oil is also an effective flea and pest repellant as fleas do not like odor of this oil. You can prepare it very easily at home. All you need to do is to pour a teaspoonful of the tea tree oil in cup of warm oil. Once it’s ready, then you can use a spray bottle and fill this liquid. Shake the bottle so that the liquid is mixed thoroughly and then you can apply it in your house. You can use this mixture once or twice a day depending upon the fleas and ticks present in your house. You can also use it for getting rid of the skin irritation. Furthermore, eucalyptus essential oil is also very helpful in treating ticks and fleas and can be used as a natural repellant.

Thus, as natural oils do not contain any hazardous chemical substance, it can be used to treat pets. All these products are environment friendly and have got almost no or mild side effects. In case any symptom of irritation appears on application of this oil, you should consult a physician.

Fight Depression with Essential Oils

Depression is a serious thing and it is not something which can be ignored or laughed dat. It arises because of hormonal imbalances, exposure to chemicals, side effects, inappropriate diet etc. Depression can be of various types including seasonal depression, panic disorders, anxiety etc. If you want to get rid of depression fully then you will need to explore the environment, diet as well as your health.

Aromatherapy using the essential oils has got a brilliant effect on your emotional well being. Scents helps us to heal emotionally and this is why majority of us love wearing colognes and perfumes and thus we can say that scent is a crucial part of our lives. Essential oils consist of an aroma which helps to activate the limbic system through smell. These oils have got the ability to affect the hormones of the body. Not only this, they can eliminate the unwanted toxins from your body. These oils help to ease the pain, as they carry oxygen to the cells that are present in the body.

Anti depression aromatherapy oilsThe molecules that are contained in essential oils are much smaller than our cells and they are easily able to permeate in our bodies and affect us on a cellular level. They have got the ability to enhance all the main systems in our body including urinary, digestive, reproductive, circulatory as well as respiratory. Some of the most common essential oils that are highly effective in dealing with anxiety as well as depression include cedar wood, basil, geranium, grapefruit, juniper berry as well as lavender.

As you can easily make out that there are quite a few choices available to you to choose from. The best way is to smell each one. As soon as you find a smell that is pleasant and you enjoy it, that essential oil becomes apt for you. The powerful smell of the oil will affect your emotions in a positive manner. A lot of people who suffer from depression also use a diffuser as it is a convenient and effective way to enhance your mood. You can set a timer so that the oil is released through a diffuser at certain level. These diffusers are easily available in the market and are also priced reasonably well. Otherwise, you can carry a bottle of essential oils with you and open it up and smell whenever nodded. It’s just that you need to ensure that you are keeping the bottle closed tightly when not in use so s to avoid oil spill.

Irrespective of whichever essential oil you are using to fight depression, you need to ensure that it is 100% pure essential oil. If you are not too familiar with the essential oil manufacturing companies, then you can judge the quality of the oil by its price as well as certifications. Ideally, you should test an oil before you actually use it to ensure that you don’t develop any sort of allergies.

Liver Care with Essential Oils?

Majority of us uses various over-the-counter products in order to overcome ailments and health problems. However, there are many such products that tend to have a negative impact on the liver and thus it becomes important for us to restrict the use of such products that harm the liver. Thus, a great alternative to protect your liver are the essential oils.

You often would have come across cases in which the liver of an individual is damaged due to consuming non-prescribed medicines for ailments like migraine, tension etc. Liver, which is the second largest organ in the human body, is also critical component of the body. Whatever you consume is checked by the liver before it makes way to blood supply or heart. The function of the liver is to detoxify. If you think that the drugs that you are buying from the market only help you to overcome the problems, then it’s incorrect. In fact, a lot of drugs carry the warning about the liver damage. This is the reason why doctors encourage the use of top therapeutic grade oils. These oils which are easily available in the market help to support the liver in a big way. Even though there are plenty of benefits that these oils offer, they are relatively inexpensive. Essential oils are helpful in detoxifying and thus help in relieving some common ailments. There are some essential oils including peppermint that helps in brining relief form headache without any risk of suffering side effect. There are a large number of ailments that can be treated easily with the help of essential oils.

Aromatherapy oils for liverThe worst part is a large number of people feel that other the counter medications are safe and it is not so. The chemicals that your body is absorbing are far more harmful and sometimes can have serious implications on functioning of your body.

Essential oils are something that can change your life for positive forever. If you want to know more information about these great natural products then you must visit websites and forums that are based on this subject. Also, you shall take advice of your physician or aromatherapies in order to know which essential oils suit you the most. Even though there maybe some side effects associated with a particular essential oil, fact is that in majority of the times, these are going to be very mild in nature.

The procurement of these oils is very easily and you will find a lot of oil stores, chemist shop and online stores dealing with essential oils. However, over the year a lot of fake or counterfeit products have made entry into the market and they tend to harm the body. A consumer can avoid this situation but just verifying the certification on the oil and also buying them only from a trusted and recognized source.

Cure Eczema with Natural Oils

In majority of the cases, doctors and physicians will prescribe many ointments, creams or steroids for treating eczema. Even though such medication is helpful, it is preferred that you avoid taking it in the long term as there might be side effects associated with the prolonged use of such treatments. This is the reason why a lot of sufferers prefer using natural cures for eczema. Natural cures are safe and effective as compared to the synthetic methods of treatment. Apart from the right supplements, topical therapies and diet, one can also counteract eczema by wearing loose clothing that is made up of various natural fabrics including cotton. Additionally, controlling the humidifiers including cotton can be also very helpful. Nothing can be more natural in eczema then staying away from any kind of stressful situations. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As stress is known as amongst the major triggers of this problem, you will not be able to get rid of the eczema naturally.

Treating eczema with natural oil is turning out to be amongst the most popular treatment options these days. Ideally, you should look for an essential oil that consist vitamin E in large quantities. This vitamin is apt for healing of skin and also helps to fight oxidation of essential fatty acids which are required by the body. Also, try opting for natural oils that consist of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9. By taking these oils, you will help to greatly affect the healing ability and will develop your immune system and against eczema.

natural treatment of eczema

Usually the attack of eczema is acute or chronic in nature; however, the distinction lies in the greater or less inflammation intensity at the time of descriptions. A severe attack of this problem often comes along with slight constitutional disturbances. Coconut oil is vastly used for naturally treating eczema. The unprocessed organic virgin coconut oils helps in the soothing of this problem and apart from this it also helps to heal dermatitis, eczema or any other skin condition.

Natural oils are extremely helpful in treating the skin conditions as the help in apt moisturizing the skin and also address the problems concerning immunity as well as allergies problem that triggers the symptoms of eczema. Natural oils also find their use in aromatherapy through which one can easily treat eczema. These oils have been used since centuries for the treatment of various severe diseases. You can use this oil in a neat form or diluted form. You can prepare the dilution by mixing it in a base of extra virgin olive oil or some other pure organic oil. Just to ensure the safety of the usage of the oil, you should check that the source of the oil is credible. Some of the other popular natural oils used are chamomile, patchouli, rosemary etc. It’s always better to consult your physician or doctor before using them in any form.

Best Natural Moisturizer Oils

When it comes to choosing the best moisturizers oils, you will see that the top three major moisturizer oils are natural. These oils are basically derived from natural resources that are proved to cause positive effects. They have been used since many ages and were mainly used traditionally for rituals as well as for rejuvenating the skin and hair. These ingredients are known world over and are praised for their effectiveness. These oils are extremely helpful in getting you rid of skin dryness and other skin care problems.

The three best natural moisturizer oils include avocado oil, jojoba oil as well as grape seed oil.

Natural Moisturizer Oil

Jojoba Oil – It is amongst the most popular natural moisturizer oil and is a very commonly used ingredient in baby products. Thus, it is clear that this oil will work aptly with skin hypersensitivity as well as for individuals who have delicate skin. It is also absorbed the skin very effectively because it has got almost the same molecular structure as the natural skin oil. It also helps in replacing the lost natural oil and therefore prevents the skin from getting itchy.

Grape Seed Oil – It is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that comes in contact with skin with ease. It also helps to create an invisible coating on the skin so as to helps it moisturize. The ability of grape seed oil to repair as well as rejuvenate the skin is simply superb.

Avocado Oil - This oil has got some of the components that are also found in the other two oils. This oil is highly compatible with the skin as it is easily absorbed by the skin. Just like jojoba oil, the molecular structure of this oil resembles the body oils. Scientifically, this oil is proved to stimulate the production of collagen in human body, thereby making it more strong as well as efficient in getting rid of wrinkles. This is an added benefit of this oil. Further, this oil is extremely rich in the nutritional value. It contains a lot of crucial and useful vitamins including A, D, E along with lecithin, potassium, beta-carotene as well as calcium.

Avocado oil is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid that helps to nourish the human skin. The various clinical trials of this oil reveal that it helps in reducing dryness and stubborn skin problems inlcuding eczema and psoriasis.

In order to find the natural products with best moisturizer oils which will work perfectly for your skin, you should refer to various blogs, forums and websites. It is important to verify the credentials of the source from where you are buying such oil. Even though the above mentioned oils are natural, they might sometimes lead to itching and redness, however, it’s very mild in nature.

You should also use these oils in the quantities that are desired. Using them in excess, will cause more harm than good and thus you should avoid that.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Skin Care

It is a known fact that essential oils have a positive impact on the emotions as well as well being of the mental state. For majority of us, this is what the essential oils are expected to do. The trees, roots, plants, shrubs, resins as well as herbs are harvested to prepare the essential oils. All of them have for their own life force, which is passed to other bodies which create the intended changes to our emotional and mental state. However, the benefits of essential oils are not only limited to it only and it is widely used in skin care as well.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it also accounts for roughly 15% if the total weight of the body. Thus, it is very important that we shall take utmost of skin and treat it nicely, thereby giving it rightful attention and also a bit of pampering. The benefits that are associated with essential oils range from relieving pain from sunburn to improving the tone of the mature skin to help in rejuvenating the skin cells.


The following are some of the most popular oils that are used to treat skin in various ways. It is important for you to keep in mind that the essential oils must always be diluted in carrier oil or water before you apply to the skin. Also, since some of the oils are photosensitive, especially the citrus oils, thus you should avoid the exposure as much as possible after applying them to your skin.

Bay- All you need to do is to just drop some drops of this oil and add it to your shampoos and it will surely help you to control dandruff.

Carrot Seed oil- If you want to reduce the appearance of spider veins, you shall mix 2 drops of this oil in 1 tablespoon of vegetable carrier oil and massage it to the affected area during bed time and you will get rid of this problem.

Frankincense – Problem of wrinkles are very common and thus if you are willing to smooth wrinkles, then you need to mix several drops to a vegetable carrier oil and helps to massage neck and face each night before the bedtime.

Bergamot – This oil is ideal for use in case of chapped skin. Just add few drops of this oil to a mild lotion and apply it on the affected area.

Geranium – This oil has got brilliant diuretic as well as stimulating properties and thus this oil helps to improve the circulation of blood and is highly effective in treating the problem of cellulite.

Juniper- This oil is amongst the most effective oil when it comes to the treatment of eczema or acne. Just by adding 2-4 drops to the carrier oil and applying the same to the affected areas several times a day, you can deal with this problem effectively.