Aromatherapy Essential Oils in Skin Care

It is a known fact that essential oils have a positive impact on the emotions as well as well being of the mental state. For majority of us, this is what the essential oils are expected to do. The trees, roots, plants, shrubs, resins as well as herbs are harvested to prepare the essential oils. All of them have for their own life force, which is passed to other bodies which create the intended changes to our emotional and mental state. However, the benefits of essential oils are not only limited to it only and it is widely used in skin care as well.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it also accounts for roughly 15% if the total weight of the body. Thus, it is very important that we shall take utmost of skin and treat it nicely, thereby giving it rightful attention and also a bit of pampering. The benefits that are associated with essential oils range from relieving pain from sunburn to improving the tone of the mature skin to help in rejuvenating the skin cells.


The following are some of the most popular oils that are used to treat skin in various ways. It is important for you to keep in mind that the essential oils must always be diluted in carrier oil or water before you apply to the skin. Also, since some of the oils are photosensitive, especially the citrus oils, thus you should avoid the exposure as much as possible after applying them to your skin.

Bay- All you need to do is to just drop some drops of this oil and add it to your shampoos and it will surely help you to control dandruff.

Carrot Seed oil- If you want to reduce the appearance of spider veins, you shall mix 2 drops of this oil in 1 tablespoon of vegetable carrier oil and massage it to the affected area during bed time and you will get rid of this problem.

Frankincense – Problem of wrinkles are very common and thus if you are willing to smooth wrinkles, then you need to mix several drops to a vegetable carrier oil and helps to massage neck and face each night before the bedtime.

Bergamot – This oil is ideal for use in case of chapped skin. Just add few drops of this oil to a mild lotion and apply it on the affected area.

Geranium – This oil has got brilliant diuretic as well as stimulating properties and thus this oil helps to improve the circulation of blood and is highly effective in treating the problem of cellulite.

Juniper- This oil is amongst the most effective oil when it comes to the treatment of eczema or acne. Just by adding 2-4 drops to the carrier oil and applying the same to the affected areas several times a day, you can deal with this problem effectively.

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