Essential Oils {A to C}

Coriander Oil

Common Name:   Coriander Oil Botanical Name:   Coriandrum sativum Other Names:  Dhania, Coriander seed oil, Corriandre, Dhanyaka... More 

Clove oil

Common Name:   Clove oil Botanical Name:   Syzygium aromaticum Other Names:  Laung, Clove, caryophyllus oil, Cloves Introduction... More 

Citronella oil

Common Name:   Citronella oil Botanical Name:   Cymbopogon winterianus Other Names:  Andropogon nardus, Cymbopogon nardus, Java... More 

Cinnamon oil

Common Name:   Cinnamon oil Botanical Name:   Cinnamomum zeylanicum Other Names:  Cinnamomon, Ceylon cinnamon, Cinnamon Leaf... More 

Celery oil 10 ml

Common Name:   Celery oil Botanical Name:   Apium graveolens Other Names:  Celery , celery seed , celery seed oil, Garden Celery... More 

Cedarwood oil

Common Name:   Cedarwood oil Botanical Name:   Juniperus virginiana Other Names:  Atlas Cedarwood, Atlantic Cedar, African Cedar,... More 

Cassia Oil

Common Name:   Cassia Oil Botanical Name:   Cinnamomum cassia Other Names:  Cinnamon Cassia, Cassia, Cassia lign. Introduction... More 

Carrot seed oil

Common Name:   Carrot seeds Oil Botanical Name:   Daucus Carota Other Names:  Carrot seed, Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot... More 

Cardamom Oil

Common Name:   Cadamom Oil Botanical Name:   Elletaria cardamomum Other Names:  Cardamom, Ailum, Ilachi, Malabar Cardamums.... More 

Caraway Oil

Common Name:   Caraway Oil Botanical Name:   Carum carvi Other Names:  Roman Cumin, meridian fennel, Persian cumin, Caraway fruits.... More 

Calendula Oil

Common Name:   Calendula Oil Botanical Name:   Calendula officinalis Other Names:  Common mariegold, Scottish marigold, Garden... More 

Calamus Oil

Common Name:   Calamus Oil Botanical Name:   Acorus calamus Other Names:  Calamus, Flagroot, Ugragandha, Vayambu Introduction... More 

Cajeput Oil

Common Name: Cajeput Oil Botanical Name: Melaleuca cajeputi Other Names: Melaleuca leucadendron, Cajeputi Aetheroleum, weeping paperbark... More 

Black Pepper oil

Common Name: Black pepper oil Botanical Name:  Piper nigrum Other Names: Kali Mirch, Pepper, White pepper, Green peppercorns, Maricha,... More 

Betel leaf oil

Common Name: Betel leaf oil Botanical Name:  Piper betle Other Names: Copticum, Carum Copticum Introduction The betel leaf oil is... More 

Bergamot oil

Common Name: Bergamot oil Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia Other Names: Citrus aurantium, Bergamot orange, Bergamia. Introduction Derived... More 

Bay Leaf oil

Common Name: Bay leaf oil Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis Other Names: Bay Laurel , Sweet Bay, Grecian laurel. Introduction Bay leaf, or... More 

Basil oil

Common Name: Basil oil Botanical Name: Ocimum Basilicum Other Names: Common Basil, Sweet Basil, Linalool Basil. Introduction Sourced... More 

Avocado oil

Common Name: Avocado oil Botanical Name: Persea americana Other Names: Alligator Pear, Aguacate, Palta. Introduction Derived from the... More 

Apricot oil

Common Name: Apricot oil Botanical Name: Prunus Armeniaca Other Names: vulgaris Zabel, Peach Kernel, Wild Apricot. Introduction Apricot... More 

Aniseed oil

Common Name: Aniseed oil Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum Other Names: Anise, Anise Seed, Aniseed, Anisum officinalis, Anisum vulgare... More 

Angelica oil

Common Name: Angelica oil Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica Other Names: Garden Angelica, Archangel root, Angelica sylvestris, Woodland... More 

Almond oil

Common Name: Almonds oil Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis Other Names: Prunus amygdalin, Almonds, amygdale amara. Introduction The Almond... More 

Ajowan oil

Common Name: Ajowan Oil Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi Other Names: Carum copticum, Carom seeds oil, Cumin seeds Introduction... More