The Potential of Arachis oil

Arachis oil is derived from the peanut, which is basically a low growing plant. This plant said to be originated from the Central America region from where it spread to Spain and rest of the world. Today, you will find this plant being widely cultivated in Indian, China, Africa and USA. Some of the other common name of arachis oil includes goober, pinder, earthnut etc. this plant is an annual herb that belongs to fabaceae family belonging to the Arachis genesis.

The cold pressed peanut oil has got deep yellow color along with a sweet taste and nutty aroma, whereas the refined arachis oil is light yellow in appearance and have a neutral taste. However, the highly refined version of this oil makes it virtually devoid of the allergens and impurities. This oil is high on energy and around 100 gram of arachis oil is able to provide around 884 calories. It is also a great lipid profile and it has saturated, polyunsaturated as well as monosaturated fats in healthy propositions. It is amongst the most stable cooking oils. There are plenty of benefits attached to this great oil. It is really pleasant and sweet flavored peanut oil in saturated fats that is free from cholesterol and contains some of the essential fatty acids, which makes this oil as the healthiest cooking oil. Since it is a vegetable oil, it is excellent for the people who are looking for a great source of plant sterola, especially ?-sitosterol.


The high calorie content of arachis oil is largely due to the high calorific content. It helps to reduce lower or bad cholesterol and increase the quantity of HDL or good cholesterol present in the blood. There is some great chemical component present in this oil that makes this oil protective against heart diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases, viral infections, cancers etc.

Arachis oil helps to reduce the stork risk by modifying the molecular mechanism present in the vessels of blood and increase the production of nitric oxide. The vitamin E is a more powerful lipid soluble antioxidant that is required for maintaining the cell membrane integrity and helps to protect your skin from free harmful radicals. The peanut oil that is used for aromatherapy is quiet popular. It has got a light nutty aroma that when is used along with the fresh lime juice and it works amazingly well from protecting the skin from the black heads and acne marks. On regular use of the arachis oil you can improve your insulin level. A lot of researches has conducted and clear show that this oil has got the ability to reduce the blood glucose level to bring it back to the normal, and thus helps to bring the sugar level in control.

By using arachis oil will not only enhance the taste but also helps in the improvement of the digestive system of the body and prevents all kinds of digestive and stomach disorder.

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